Mystery Musical Dinner

Fog in the castle courtyard? A bat where just a moment ago stood a tall man with long fingernails and a black cloak? Isn't that the unfortunate Empress of Austria and His Majesty DEATH waving from the balustrade? Why does the guest from the Paris Opera hide one half of his face behind a white mask? Why do you have to descend into the depths of Thaller's wine cellar for the 5-course gourmet menu? Quite simple: You are one of only 100 guests of Mystery Musical Dinner!
ANJA WENDZEL, known among others from the musical "DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES" and other musical professionals will take you into a world between death, nightmare and mystery. Experience the shadowy figures from the world of musicals in their most emotional moments in the incomparable ambience of the Barriquekeller!
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(Aperitif | 5-course menu | coffee | water | musical concert Anja Wendzel and other musical professionals)

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from 140,00

8th Nov. 2024

  • Datum 8th Nov. 2024

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